View Full Version : Am I heading in the right direction?

02/13/2013, 07:48 PM
30 gallon tank. 20lbs live rock, 40 lbs live sand, 15 lbs base rock, 2x240 power heads, oceanic protein skimmer (small one that is a cylinder inside tank) heater set to 78, PH 7.8 ammonia .50, nitrites 0 Nitrates 10. My hydrometer gives me different reading every time I use it. Ordered a refractometer but they sent me a brix by mistake so I am waiting on the replacement now. Used RO water with water I made myself (I work for a filtration company and its a good system) TDS was 7. No DI but I will be picking up a DI filter. (Quick side question I have access to nestle distilled water at a good price would that be better then RO/DI? It goes through this process and our quality control is very strict http://www.nestle-watersna.com/content/Documents/pdfs/nwna_13_Step_Distilled_Process.pdf )

Started getting brown algae which I looked up and read to get a small CUC so I bought a couple snails and hermits. They did a great job and cleared almost all of it up. I am starting to get small pinkish patches of what I hope is coralline algae. I am about 3 weeks in only chemicals I used was Bio Spira a week and a half ago. My question is... Is everything looking good? The reef master kit did not have phosphate and alkalinity testers in it so I will pick those up this weekend and post that info if imperative to answer.

Oh and long time reader first time poster, glad to of joined.