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02/17/2013, 10:39 AM

Is it possible to use the storm to plumb my RO system directly to my aquarium? My wife is reducing my aquarium equipment space. So one thing I can remove is my large topoff holding tub. If I can use the Storm with to ROCv to directly put RO water in my aquarium.

Thanks for any help.

02/17/2013, 12:09 PM
Hi humbird,

While it certainly would be possible to do this, I would recommend against this because it will mean that your RO filter would not be allowed to work efficiently.

Plumbing your RO filter results in the RO systems "starting" and "stopping" often, and never allows the system to run for any considerable period of time. Each time your filter is started, the first several minutes' worth of water from your RO membrane is high in TDS. Generally your DI resin (if present) may help to mop up the remaining TDS that make it through the membrane, but in doing so your DI resin is very quickly exhausted, making your filter rather expensive to run and maintain. Once your DI resin is exhausted, the relatively poor quality water simply passes through the DI stage and is delivered to your aquarium each time the filter is started.

However, by using even a somewhat small top off bin like 10-15 gallons or so, much of the TDS creep (or accelerated DI resin consumption) described above is eliminated because the filter is started only once per "binful" of water. Therefore if you can just downsize your top off bin, instead of eliminating it altogether, you can save space and prevent significantly reducing the life of your DI resin.

There are some economical 20 gallon square HDPE bins that have a footprint of about 1 square foot available at a well-known online retailer of plastic bins. Please shoot me a PM or email us through our website and I'll get you all the info if you're interested.


02/19/2013, 08:15 AM
Sounds like its time to get rid of the wife

02/19/2013, 10:28 PM
Sounds like its time to get rid of the wife

best choice i agree..