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03/03/2013, 09:37 AM
Ok I really need some help here.... I want to set up my RODI unit as an ATO and use it with an apex controller. Here is my thought and confusion

The RODI unit will connect to the avast topoff kit in my sump. So I am figuring the pressure kit and float valve should be sufficient redundancies and since there is no pump like an aqua lifter how does this connect to the apex? What am I missing here?

03/04/2013, 02:21 PM
I don't think the Avast topoff (standard) would hook up to your Apex. If you have the Avast deluxe digital ATO, then it would hook up to your Apex via the mini-din, or break-out box (BOB).

I'm assuming you have their $89 topoff, not the $190 digital ATO. Not much that you can do with the Apex in that case.

I'm taking a slightly different approach, using the digital ATO. The ATO feeds from my RODI storage, and the RODI is controlled by my Apex via a solenoid on the RODI feed, and high&low float switches. The solenoid is connected to one of the EB8, and the floats are connected to the BOB.