View Full Version : Are Wrasses Sensitive to High Magnesium Levels?

03/14/2013, 10:39 PM
I have been raising my Mg up with Kents to battle Bryopsis for the first time. Yesterday both Wrasses were out, appeared happy, ate like normal pigs. Today I found the smaller Red Fairy Wrasse dead and the Mystery Wrasse did not come out for feeding or at all and my very well be dead somewhere in the tank. Mg levels were 1700. Salinity is .25 maybe .02 above what I was keeping them in. No traceable Nitrates, Nitrites, or Ammonia. All other fish were normal. Tang, Clowns, and Blenny. :uhoh2:

03/15/2013, 09:50 AM
No, at least not for sane levels; 1700 qualifies.

Dosing Mg will raise salinity, so if you dosed too much too quickly, that may have been a contributor. Also, if your tank is heavily stocked, this might also have caused your O2 levels to plummet (high salinity).

How much did you raise Mg, how quickly, and what's your current salinity?