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03/20/2013, 10:16 AM
Hi guys
im considering purchasing a 72 gallon bowfront this week and im thinking about making it an anemone and clownfish tank. I have clowns in a 30gal reef tank right now but i was wondering a couple things before i make the purchase pertaining to filtration, lighting and types of nems. Is there a specific anemone that ocellaris clownfish particularly like? What quality of lighting do anemones need and how much filtration.. Also any links or recommended equipment would be great too!

Thank you!

03/20/2013, 10:54 PM
Ocellaris like almost all anemone. Your common anemones in your area will be suitable.

Once you determine what anemone you will get, figure out what lighting it requires. The common bubble tip and long tip anemone likes high lighting. I like LEDs since you can dim the lights if its too much for your anemones.

If you're asking about filtration and recommended equipment, then you have many more dozens of hours of research left to do before cycling. Read this forum daily. You will get more and faster answers by asking via google.

03/21/2013, 05:34 AM
Naturally, Ocellaris only hosted by S. gigantea, S. mertensii, H. magnifica and possibly S. haddoni (I seen one video of Ocellaris in Haddoni in the wild). In aquarium they may go into other host anemone, or they may not. Of these the easiest anemones to keep are Merten and Haddoni. Merten get huge and very rare in the aquarium trade. Haddoni is common. The other two host anemones, Gigantea and Magnifica, are very difficult to keep.

Anemones are not really for beginner or new tank. They are require very stable condition. All of these anemone require very high light, the SPS level or more. No specific filtration need other than that of a well run reef tank (sand and rock for biological filtration) MH light is likely best and cheapest in the long run. Full spectrum LED is likely to be OK. T5, PC type light is OK but you will need to change bulb frequently (6 months).

If you really have to have an anemone in your tank, go for Haddoni, or H. crispa or H. malu. Ocellaris tend to go into all of the above three anemones quickly for me in addition to the natural hosts. Malu and Haddoni live in the sand bed, 3+ inches. While Crispa may go into the sand or rock. These three are easier to keep then the rest of the anemones mentioned in this post. I have not keep a Merten carpet.

One more thing. Haddoni are notorious fish eater, even large fish, and is a danger to fish in a small confined space like a 72 g tank. I recently lost a very beautiful Powder blue tang to my Haddoni. Gigantea is also a fish eater, but a rarer anemone, in the hobby, than Haddoni and not as much is written about the dander Gigantea for fish. I also recent lost a Mandarin to my Gigantea. My fault because the tank is a 29 g cube and the anemone is 14+ inches. I should have moved the Dragonet way before I lost him to the carpet.

03/23/2013, 11:32 PM
check out this site. Click on the "more" tab upper right