View Full Version : Pressure Switch

03/25/2013, 05:10 PM
I currently a 6 stage ro/di unit. i have well water and hooked up the 8800 booster pump and pressure switch. I am using this unit for drinking water also that feeds a storage tank and goes to a faucet at the kitchen sink. I have it "T"'d off right after the RO to go to drinking water storage. I have the booster pump feeding the rodi unit right to the inlet for the first stage (sediment) i have the pressure switch installed on the outlet (RO membrane) . When i have the booster pump [plugged in i get about 55-60 psi. When the water storage isfilled up completely the pressure gauge on the ro/di unit jumps to 100psi but the booster pump does not shut off??? what have i done wrong, is the switch bad/in wrong place??