View Full Version : Buyer Beware!

Buckeye Hydro
04/04/2013, 06:02 AM
As a Master Distributor for a number of manufacturers, we sometimes investigate sales by competitors. We rec'd an email notifying us of new HM Digital TDS3 meters being sold on 3bay for less than $8.

After some investigation, and direct communication with the seller, and regardless of the picture that is shown to unsuspecting ebay buyers, we were told by the seller that the product we were actually going to receive didn't have the HM Digital logo on the vinyl case or the meter...

In other words, its a counterfit misrepresented on ebay by an innacurate photo showing an HM Digital product.

Do you homework folks! If the price is crazy low, and regardless of the information supplied by the seller, listen to that voice in your head - you know better!