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04/04/2013, 03:01 PM
Hi, I am looking at getting the Aquatronica Starter Kit that has the control unit, power bar and temp probe. I will also want to get the float kit and the USB to PC connector. Also will need the Tunze module to control my two Tunze 6105's. I am all set for pH, and not interested in connecting to Ethernet right now. My modem and PCcomputer is set next to tank, so I am all set for that.

Couple of questions, Is this easy to set up just by the control unit or is it best to use PC software. Next question, it says the Tunze module is 12v, but Tunze pumps are 0 to 10 volts, and is normally set for 3 to 10 volts and can the software do my random motions for day and a quiet mode for night.

I have had the Apex and RKL before, so am familiar with setting most things up. Basically its a tossup between this and Profilux, but my needs are simple, I need to control these items: T5's, MH's, Heater, Chiller, ATO and two Tunze 6105's for my 120 tank.

For PC software, is there any place that has screen shots of it.

04/08/2013, 07:34 AM
Hi dan-in-gr!
For sure it is easier to make programs using the PC software, above all when you have to name something but. An important feature of the PC software is that without it you can not make update of the controller that we sometime make.

Concerning Tunze module, sorry but where have you red that it is in 12V? It works with an electronic system and we control electronic Tunze pumps 0 to100% so you can use it without any problem and you can create the wave effect you want. For having a quite mode during the night you can create your program following the time of your T5 or you can buy the new photosensor ACQ325.

Yes, we can control all what you need. The only question I have it is on your T5... are the T5 dimmable or on of? If it is dimmable you have to wait to release of the new open module ACQ445 (in May) but if your T5 are on/of it is not a problem because you can make your program as you prefer.
What MH is sorry?

You can find some screen shots of our PC interface here http://www.aquatronica.com/index.php/en/instructions

Take care