View Full Version : Aqua Illumination Wireless Adapters In Stock!

04/11/2013, 09:14 AM
The much awaited Aqua Illumination Wireless Adapters (In Black and White) have just arrived into the Aquarium Specialty warehouse!


The Aqua Illumination Wireless Adapter will allow you to wirelessly control your Sol or Nano fixture. You may use one wireless adapter per LED module to control each fixture independently from one another or you may use use one wireless adapter and then daisy chain each fixture together so that each fixture is controlled the same.

By adding the wireless adapter to each fixture you can eliminate the mini din cable connections between each module and create more interesting sunrise and sunsets not to mention complete independent control of each light fixture.

Please note that you must use these with the Wireless Controller from Aqua Illumination. It will not make the old controller wireless.

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