View Full Version : RO TDS reading too high

04/12/2013, 06:30 AM
I have had my system for ~4 years now.

I change my entire filtration with AWI every six months.

My setup is:

Sediment Pre-Filter
Booster Pump
10 Micron Filter
5 Micron Carbon Block
50 GPD FilmTec Membrane
TDS Meter #1
(Split off to drinking)
Color Changing DI Cartridge
TDS Meter #2

The last two or three times I have changed filters I have been unable to get my RO membrane to read less than 50-70 at TDS Meter #1. Previously it was in the range of 10-30. Nothing else has changed in my system. Same house, plumbing, filter source, etc.

This is putting a strain on my DI cartridge, which ran out of life last weekend. I installed an old DI cartridge for now, but I am wondering what changed that my membrane is no longer able to achieve the same level of filtration.

The only idea I had was that the membrane is not seating properly in the housing, but I have no way of checking or proving this.

Any advice?