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04/24/2013, 07:53 AM

New to the forum and I am looking for some help designing a PCB board that will allow me to use 5 LDD-H drivers and also have mounted on all the other circuits i need to control fans and have input for temp sensors. Lookingto do this via terminal screws on either side of the board.

so i would have in/out terminals for power to the LDD's and the PWM switch wires and the same for the temp sensors and the fan control PWM wire with the fans connected to the output side via a seperate power supply.

would like to add a feed as well for the I2c real timeclock module(which the connections are also detailed in the jarduino manual!!)

this I would then be able to connect to my arduino via a screwshield.

The board I am trying to achieve is as per the instruction manual for the jarduino controller build..........if this helps.

I already have one of the 02surplus designed 5up ldd board but now wish to add extra components to save lots of unsightly wiring and mount it all in one box.

I already have EAGLE on my MAC here in not so sunny england........

any help would be greatly appreciated with the design.

04/27/2013, 10:33 AM
Have you seen this thread, maybe he can help.

10/13/2013, 09:48 PM
That thread link doesn't come up anymore. Has it moved or can you post a new link.

10/25/2013, 10:00 PM
8 channel board: