View Full Version : Total Failure! -Settings & Programming Gone - Fish Missing

04/29/2013, 07:12 PM
So, I went to feed my fish tonight and the water was freezing when I stuck my hand in. The heaters weren't on. I went to my AT control panel and it said Power Unit disconnected or whatever it says and then it came back and all my programming was GONE! This happened last night at some point.

I've had my AT up for over 7 years without a problem and now I can't find half my fish. It just so happens that I tore down my tank and everything is in an older tank in my basement, so I wasn't looking at the tank or maybe I would have noticed corals not opening or fish not swimming?

Has anyone ever had this happen? I'm assuming there's a battery backup and somehow maybe my unit lost power and wasn't able to restore the settings?

04/29/2013, 07:29 PM
I just searched the instructions for "battery" and learned that even if the battery loses power, the only thing the user will need to reset is the date and time. That tells me that the settings are stored in a ROM chip and even losing power will not erase them.

So, can anyone tell me what happened? Should I be worried about the stability of my unit? The power unit and controller are mounted far away from any location that could get wet or suffer from salt spray. My house didn't experience any eletrical disturbences.

It's crazy how my impression of it has been rock solid but now I'm paranoid about it!

04/30/2013, 07:11 AM
well can you tell me how many Power Bar you have and what others Aquatronica's devices you have.
Please, tell me also the Power Unit and Controller's firmware looking into the controlle = menu = about.

The problem is due to the fact that the Power Bar were not connected and in that Power Bar you have the heater connected so the controller can not see it.
In that moment the Power Unit is still disconnected or all is working ok? To be sure of all we have to understand why the Power Bar was disconnected.

04/30/2013, 04:25 PM
I have SW version 8.0. I have temperature, salinity, ph, orp, dosing pump. No physical wiring connections were lost, no power interruptions occured at my house. Apparently the plug bar just disconnected and all my programming was erased.

05/13/2013, 12:50 PM
Hey Paradiddle...

As the other Aquatronica user in the Buffalo area, I felt I needed to reply.. :)

I have, in fact, had this same thing happen. I was going through a divorce, and my tank was still at the (now) ex's house, the first time she called in a panic that the display was backlit, but no information on it. I walked her through unplugging the display and powerbars, and powering back up.

No programming came back. So, I had to walk her through flipping everything to "Manual", and doing her own work for a day or two until I could get over there and re-automate.

I had it down to storing my programming in a saved file, and she knew how to load, if need be. When I reached out to US support, who in turn reached out to Italy, I was told I needed a new display/head unit, my cost. No discount.

Asked if a battery could fix it (I own a good, ground isolated, digital soldering iron; why not use it), told maybe to NVRAM was beyond it's read/write specs, and that's why the data was lost.

Needless to say, it kind of soured me on the concept of the Aquatronica as my "failsafe" for the tank.

If you want to discuss further, PM me, I dissected one of the H/Us, reverse engineered it, and can provide some instructions on how to fix it. I ended up going a different route, but still had the supplies to repair if I chose to.