View Full Version : Ice Cap ballast on Currtent outer orbit t5 will it work???

05/01/2013, 05:53 PM
Hello. I have a 72 inch Current Outer Orbit 250x3 Metal Halide with 8x39w T5 combination. My problem is that the T5 ballasts are dead on this fixture and I am curious if my Ice cap 660 would work for this instead of purchasing new ballasts. I know it will only power up to 15 feet but I am planning on running only 4 ati blue plus bulbs. Any ideas if this would be a good idea or not. One thing that came to mind while reading another thread similar to this but using a different ballast one person said that the ballast may run to hot for the stock endcaps. Any advice appreciated.
Thank you.

05/01/2013, 06:52 PM
It will run them, up to 4 bulbs or 15 feet which ever comes first. It will however over drive them so you will have shorter life span and they will run hotter. IceCap used to make T5 bulbs that could tolerate this, but alas they are no more. I ran standard flourescents for a while on one of my old 660s and theyd only last about 6 months before burning out but would put out way more light than normal........

heat may be an issue depending on how the fixture is cooled, if good air flow over the endcaps no problem, but I've melted VHO endcaps before when fans have failed.

Honestly I'd trade the 660 for a t5 ballast if you can, or just sell it and purchase one.