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05/04/2013, 08:27 AM
This is how to connect, get on your computer, and program the APEX to run your Kessil 360 Lighting.

1) Plug light into a wall or into the APEX Power bar - The power cord does not control the light intensity or color. If you plug it into the power bar, make sure you program the outlet to be on when you want the light on. To do this, the outlets are number 1-4 across the top and 5-8 across the bottom. Pick one.

On your computer, go to the list across the top and click on "Configuration." Choose "Outlet Setup." The screen comes up on the "base Var1." The outlets include the power cord plug ins and the control wiring too. The first group of seven are NOT plug ins (power cord inserts). The last group of 8 ARE - 3-1 to 3-8. I don't understand why they are called this yet.

Choose an outlet out of the last 8, say 3-1 (top left). I named it Kessil so it comes up Kessil1_3_1 - (3_1). I took this from another poster. Chose control type "Advanced." The next blocks will change. Chose Icon "Light A," or don't, but it worked for me. Under advanced setup, type EXACTLY:

Fallback OFF
If Time 06:20 to 23:30 Then ON
If Temp > 81.0 Then OFF
Min Time 030:00 Then OFF

The first lines defaults the outlet to off. The second starts with it off. The third turns the outlet on between 0620 and 2330. The next turns it off if the tank gets too hot. The last will keep the light (power outlet) from coming on for less than 30 minutes at a time.

You could just turn it on:

Fallback ON
Set ON

Connect (Cont'd):
2) On the side of the Controller (not the Display Module, labeled AquaController), there is a phone jack toward the right side. Plug the special chord in (Kessil control cord). The other end goes into the top of the light. You can get extensions for these for about $20 each. Once you plug it in, you lose control of the knobs on the light.

This concludes connections. Please see similar post for programming and getting on the computer.

05/04/2013, 10:01 AM
NOTE: After changing the parameters of your outlets/profiles, be sure to hit the update button at the bottom and then CHECK YOUR WORK. It has to actually make the change. It's not 100% by a long shot. Re-type as required.