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05/04/2013, 07:44 AM
XM double ended on 40 breeder????
I've searched and haven't found much help on this. I have a 40 breeder and I'm running 2x 250 watt HQI MH Phoenix 14k bulbs fired by 2x Lumatek ballasts. I will be growing a lot of SPS in the tank any with the Phoenix's insane par output, I'm afraid I will burn the coral. The lights are about 8 inches from the water and I can't raise them any higher due to the height of the hood. I'm thinking of going with the XM 20k HQI bulb but have been reading that the output isn't very good. With the depth of a 40 breeder not being that cosmic, in you opinion, do you think the XM 20k bulb be sufficient enough for SPS?

I have had awesome luck with " single ended" 400 watt XM 20k on my 60 cube but from what I have read, the double ended bulbs are getting mixed reviews.

Thanks in advance

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05/07/2013, 08:15 AM
It should be enough, but you will be reducing PAR by half. What reflectors are you using? if you properly acclimate corals you can keep using the Phoenix bulbs in your current setup.

05/07/2013, 08:16 AM
No problems with switching to the 20k, it is about half the par of the Phoenix but no biggie on a 40 breeder.

05/07/2013, 11:39 AM
I would keep the phoenix. I have corals less than 4" under the surface in my display and they are all fine - however these are light lovers... red planet, PM, double doozy, etc.. The lower light corals can stay on the bottom.

Personally, I liked the Hammy 20K DE better than the XM. The XM look really nice, though.

Have you considered a Phoenix on one side and XM on the other - high and super-high light sides?