View Full Version : Does Apex Need 2nd Temp Probe for Conductivity Adjustments

05/08/2013, 04:49 AM
I Ordered an Apex JR With Display and Temperature Probe. I also ordered the PM1 and PM2 expansion modules. The intent is to have the PM1 measure PH and the PM2 measure conductivity.

I understand that in order for the APEX to compensate for temperature in its conductivity measurement that the PM2 module has to have a temperature probe connected to it.

Here’s my question, can I just reuse the temperature probe from the main unit and connect it to the PM2 module or do I need to add a 2nd temperature probe to the APEX all together resulting in a configuration that looks like this:

Main Unit – Temp Probe
PM1 – PH Probe
PM2 – Conductivity Probe and Temp Probe