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05/12/2013, 12:29 PM

I just got this coral and was wondering if someone here can tell me what it is so I can figure out what's the best way to care for it:

The polyps pull into the stony looking part. At first I thought they're zoas but they don't have the discs in the centre that I saw on other zoas.

Thanks very much in advance!

05/14/2013, 01:01 PM
Looks like a Blue/green sympodium to me. I have never had them but have seen them for sale.

05/14/2013, 07:17 PM
Yup, Sympodium. It can be fast growing, but isn't generally invasive like GSP, Xenia, or Sansibia. It seems to prefer subdued lighting. Under strong light it bleaches (to a very pretty bright blue, but still, not good) and eventually dies back. Keep it under mid-low light and flow and you should be in good shape.

06/12/2013, 05:36 PM
+3 Green sympoduim
<a href="http://s1057.photobucket.com/user/puck2112000/media/100812_3062.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1057.photobucket.com/albums/t393/puck2112000/100812_3062.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo 100812_3062.jpg"/></a>