View Full Version : Getting Higher TDS after changing RO Menbrane

05/19/2013, 09:12 AM
Hi Guys, hoping you can help me with my Ocean Reef system. After registering a TDS of about 5ppm, I ordered a new RO membrane. I'd changed out the three canister's media a few months prior. Anyway, after installing the new RO membrane, my water's TDS is reading at 10ppm.

For what it's worth, I removed the inline TDS meter (as it had gotten wet and stopped working) along with it's corresponding T fittings. Also, I moved into a house with a well, so I no longer use the carbon media in the "plus one" canister. Actually, I removed this canister from the unit, as I thought it was superfluous, and wanted less clumsy setup, but saw that doing this affected the flow, so I reconnected it.

I checked the diagram on the website, and everything is connected as detailed. Just hoping there's something I'm over looking to explain the higher TDS.



05/20/2013, 09:12 AM
What is the tds of your well water and what is the pressure reading on your pressure gauge?


05/21/2013, 04:42 AM
TDS of the wellwater is 95ppm. The water pressure gauge stopped working a couple yrs ago, and I never really gave it a second thought because I was satisfied with the unit's results, both in my prior home and my current.

05/21/2013, 08:34 AM
I suspect low pressure could be an issue which is normal with well water. Since it is hard to tell where your at I suggest a starting point of getting a new pressure gauge. It is normal for well systems to shut off at 60 psi and fall away to 30-40 psi with demand.