View Full Version : Power usage of RENEW+STORM

05/21/2013, 03:08 AM
I have my heart set on the RENEW PRO+STORM PRO+Pumps. I'm just wanting to know if anyone's plugged theirs into Apex or w/e to determine the total watts consumed by the system.
Reason being is I'm trying to sort out a 240-110v Stepdown Transformer, and finding a decent one in NZL is...tedious! If someone has the info, that'd be perfect! B.

05/21/2013, 05:32 AM
Hello Benar,

The STORM™ and RENEW™ systems should each pull less than 7A even if fully taxed with large pumps and all the pumps on. In reality the continuous current draw will likely be far less most of the time, but planning for this scenario gives you the most flexibility and ensures adequate power is available.

Hope this helps!