View Full Version : Orphek PR72 vs. T5 Fixture

05/21/2013, 01:10 PM
Check out our latest blog post and video clip of the Orphek PR72 LED pendant vs. the existing T5 fixture at a public aquarium display. About 2 weeks we posted a comparison of the Orphek DIF-100XP Gen4 LED Pendant vs. their current T5 setup. Here are links to both videos and blog posts. We will be posting another video of the DIF-100 later today if time permits.



07/16/2013, 10:10 AM
Without digging through the video's can you give me some par comparisons between the 72 and the 100? I currently have a 100 over my 2' Cube tank and have been thinking about getting rid of it for a 72 (and an apex module for dimming). I have been having troubles finding par comparisons though.

07/16/2013, 08:28 PM
The PAR from your DIF100 will depend on which model you have. XP? and what color temp. Each of the DIF 100's has a slightly different characteristic.

The PR72 will cover a 21x21x21 tank with very good par in the outer corners (near 200) at 12 above the tank. Check this youtube video PAR test from macna.