View Full Version : 215 gal....what skimmer?

06/04/2013, 10:18 PM
A huge decision for the tank, need one of these. Got the rodi plus unit and hydor powerheads last month, Tank has never looked clearer. this month it's a protein skimmer and probably a phos. Reactor. Would like something that goes in the sump, works well together. My levels are where I want them - just need to rid this tank of some phosphate and up my skimming...then making the step from fish and live rock to expanding horizons to corals :clown: .any comments would be helpful for a skimmer and reactor thanks

06/05/2013, 12:39 AM
The size of your sump, bioload in your tank, and budget will all help us make a decision. If you have a heavy bioload decent budget the ATB 1050a v1.5 would be a good place to start. The JNS SK5 would work well at this bioload and price point too. On a slightly lower budget the SRO 3000INT would work well too if you can keep it in a shallow depth of around 6.5".

For the reactor there are a few options. BRS reactors will be the cheapest, but some people don't like them (mine works fine). You can also look into Avast Marine, TLF, Vertex, Nextreef, AquaMaxx, and on and on and on.