View Full Version : Help me with my skimmer dilemma!

06/06/2013, 12:08 PM

First and foremost. I love your products and that you are based in the USA. I had a few small issues with my ATO but resolved them with some diagnostic steps with you guys.

I am upgrading to a 300gallon system (240 main and 2 30gal sumps).

I am in a dilemma of buying a Skimmer, and I have it narrowed down to a SRO or Bubble Magus.

I love the look of the smoked acrylic, especially since my skimmer will be in a larger fuge which I have lit 24/7.

How do your skimmers stack up to others in the area? If they perform the same or better I want to buy yours. I hate buying stuff that is not made in the US.

Avast Marine
06/13/2013, 07:43 AM
I am not aware of BM making a skimmer large enough to handle your tank but I could be wrong. The SRO3000E looks like it comps well to the CS3 as fire as size, recirc and air draw. Both have quality pumps. The smoked cone is an obvious advantage, it really does cut down on maintenance especially where you intend to place it. Build it yourself and you will learn a lot about how your equipment works and how to fix it or mod it (with schedule 40 parts not metric) should the day ever come. Parts availability, service after the sale, save $200, American parts and assembly......whatever you decide, good luck with the new tank!

06/13/2013, 07:59 AM
I think I am going to go with the CS3. I like that its a recirculating design, because its super annoying when my sump level fluxuates 1/2" and the skimmer is thrown off and overskimms.

If I set it up for recirc design do you know what type of flow is needed for it? I plan on getting (2) of the pumps for it from your site. Will I need a 3rd to set it up for a recirc design?