View Full Version : My Mutiny II and reactor combo (pic)

06/08/2013, 05:51 AM
Here's my Avast Marine Mutiny II setup with matching (custom height) MR 10 media reactor for carbon post filter, for my 275 gallon saltwater tank.

Unfortunately the media reactor was broken during shipping to europe where I live, so it will need replacement or repair before I can use it. :sad2:

In the mean time, I'm will try to build a small enclosure under the reactors for my Sander Ozonizer Certizon C200 (50-200 mg/h) and Schego M2K3 WS3 air pump (0-350 l/h, 0-90 gallons/h, 4.2 psi) to remove any noise from the luft pump.

I took a photo of it after putting media in the ozone reactor... Looks good, heh? :cool: