View Full Version : Led setup reccomendation for 15g

06/17/2013, 02:36 PM
Hi all,

I recently setup a 15g tank with a false wall. Total viewable area is that of an 10g, 20x12x12".

Currently have a MakersLed w/:

- 6x RB
- 2x NW
- 2x True Violet
- 1x 3up - Rebels: Red, Blue, Cyan

Everything hooked up to ELN-64-48d. Tank isn't as bright as I want it and I'm wondering if I add more would it be overkill? I was thinking about adding more RB and NW. What do you guys think? Or what is recommended for my tank size?

I'm shooting for mainly SPS. I know small tank.. new to the LED world but have been lurking...

06/17/2013, 02:59 PM
I would get rid of the NW and add 2 WW and two CW. Then add 6 blue.