View Full Version : Octo in a 25 gallon reef- Advice Needed!!!

06/20/2013, 01:25 PM
Alright. Seeing as how I rarely back down from a challenge, or when someone tells me I can't or probably shouldn't do something, I'm probably bringing home a small octopus tomorrow. That being said, PLEASE spend the next 24 hours trying to convince me that it's an absolutely horrible idea.

Lol... I'm kidding. Sort of. I'm fully aware that I will be without with very shortly (I've already made arrangements to rehome them as my Cherub has become quite the little jerk as of late). All corals are fastened down and I've got a lid in the works as well... so other than the fact that they are escape artists, any other problems that I am overlooking??

07/01/2013, 12:36 PM
Know the species! It could be a baby Vulgaris which will need a HUGE tank. Or it could be an adult mercatoris, which can die soon

07/01/2013, 05:28 PM
I had from experience the Pygmy Octopus for 10 months as had some age on receipt. They live only a year.

But he was busy devouring Hermits used for his staple diet.

Note are nocturnal so caught glimpses eating near dawn a number of times, but you won't see him daytime.

Used weights on the lid as are noted to be escape artists, ended with no issues.

Are noted to be messy eaters but mine left very little if any remnants.

They are suggested to have high oxygen level in the aquarium, but do have a tolerant range of adaptation.

Again mine was the brief life span Pygmy, still he was more than impressive!

Food abit expense, my hermits eaten up to 6 even 8 at times per week at near a dollar each.
But was worth a weekly fast meal cost indeed, more than fun!

Mine could handle a medium size hermit early months, later months added a few smaller ones his favored.