View Full Version : Green Algae ID

07/08/2013, 01:21 PM
Hi All,

Each morning before the lights go in my tank portions of my sand are covered with green algae. After the lights are on for a while a good deal of the algae seems to disappear. The picture attached shows the algae after the lights are on. With the lights off picture most of that area totally green. Any thoughts on what type of algae this could be and why does it seem to do better in the dark?

17 Gallon Mr Aqua Tank
Water Temp 74
Salinity 1.022
Lights: 12 hour on/12 hours off
pH ~ 8.2

Filtration HOT Magnum (pre-filter and carbon)
Aquaclear 30 (empty) with a JBJ NanoZapp Inline UV Sterilizer attached
Two Max-ijets alternating for flow
Auto water top-off by a tunze nano (only distilled water used)
Biotrace supplement added once weekly (in the midst of finding the correct does for the seagrass)

Inhabitants: Seagrass (h. wrightii), two sexy shrimp, 2 nassarius snails, 2 checkered nerites, 1 scarlett hermit crab

Light feeding every few days

Thank you!