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07/13/2013, 09:37 PM
I know many people refrain from using this macro in their fuges for fear of it taking over their display tanks, etc. but I have always used it without issue.
I have had it growing all over in some tanks purposely and when it did, in my opnion, get out of hand, I would introduce a known predator, whether it be blue hippo tang, or powder blue tang, something always ate it, no problem.

Because I grow it in my fuge, I have to routinely trim it back. I usually offer it to local hobbyists as food for their tangs etc or to help start up their own fuges.

One thing I cannot stress enough is how I get rid of this stuff. Many species are now illegal to even have growing in your reef tank in Cali, so when I need to toss some out, I take it upon myself to do my part for the environment.

When I pull it from the fuge, I FREEZE it overnight, usually many nights until the next time the trash goes out.

By freezing the caulerpa you actually destroy the cells themselves. It helps because if I just toss it out in the garbage, it might not always dry out in the can/bag and part of it could somehow find itself out to a waterway.

I urge you to also please freeze any Caulerpa you throw away to help make sure this algae does not try to take over.