View Full Version : Reef octopus dcs 200 or 250? For my 220g

07/15/2013, 05:48 PM
I am setting up my 220g Reef tank and I am ready to buy my skimmer

I want the ReefOctopus DCS 200 or 250

The 200 is an 8'' body and the 250 is a 10'' body

200 Stats
8'' Body
555gph air draw
Rated for 300G

250 stats
10'' Body
634gph air draw
Rated for 500g

The price diff is 85$

I plan to have quite a few fish in the tank

08/30/2013, 09:29 AM
What did you end up using? I am looking at the same skimmers myself.

08/30/2013, 09:47 AM
I am looking at getting the 300 model (once it is in stock again). It states that it is rated for a 600 gallon system. However after doing so additional research I discovered that it is actually rated as follows:

600 gallons lightly stocked

500 gallons moderately stocked

400 gallons heavily stocked.

I have a 270 DT, with a 135 gallon sump, and a 40 bdr frag tank. With everything taken into consideration is say that I have approx 325-350 gallo s somewhat heavily stocked.