View Full Version : HELP, Mineral oil from bubble counter got in tank!

07/16/2013, 10:08 AM
This just recently happened to me a couple weeks ago on my 90g reef tank and I'm loosing virtually all my sps. Some how the mineral oil in my aquamax star calcium reactor got sucked into the tank! Still a mystery as to how this could have happened. Things started looking bad a few weeks ago so I did my usual 10g per week water change, checked params which were spot on but nothing changed. I then did another 10g water change later that week, tested parameters which again were spot on and things were still getting worse. I then took a water sample to my LFS for a parameter check to make sure my test kits were ok and sure enough they were. Also not that my filter socks were overflowing in 1-2 days. They were coated with a clear slime. My LFS said he thought it was coral slime seeing as they were stressed. When I got back from LFS I noticed there was no air gap in my bubble counter on my reactor. I noticed the co2 bubbles were traveling all the way to the top. Normally the counter is half to 3/4 full of mineral oil. I then shook the reactor and sure enough the reactor bubble counter was full of water, all the way to the top! Sooooooo. I then did a 50 gallon water change, took out sump and cleaned all components like skimmer, calc reactor, pumps, gfo reactor, heaters, purigen bags etc. So far the slime seems to be gone from the bags, I installed a check valve after bubble counter, and parameters are still all in check.

Unfortunately the sps still seems to be dying off and I am really discouraged. Does anyone have any advice for me beyond what I have already done?