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07/17/2013, 12:04 AM
So I've posted a few times about just getting into the hobby about a month and a half ago. I feel like a was an expert in freshwater but stayed away from marine because i was afraid of what exactly happened. Opened a can of worms where basically I eat, drink, and sleep marine now...

But heres a video of my setup.

Comments are welcome. Once I started managing the fish department I just took every cool idea anyone had and made it into a reality. So, cool tank ideas welcome, I can get almost anything to stock them.

07/17/2013, 02:12 AM
Looking good man. How long has it been up? What are your long term plans?

07/17/2013, 06:53 PM
Looking good man. How long has it been up? What are your long term plans?

Well, right when I took over a couple employees took it upon themselves to pull every bit of sand out of the whole system.
The tanks where pretty nasty before but what they did was extreme.

I basically had a clean slate.
First thing I did was put the argonite sand back into the system.
I looked in the sump and there was litterally no filter in there. Just a big waterfilled sump.
I got some filter socks and rigged up a protein skimmer.
Had to change the socks daily till the system cleared out.
I have about 1000 dollar budget per week for all my tanks fresh and marine so being that 1/6 of my total system is marine thats how Ive been spending toward marine.
Not bad considering its every week. But still never seems like enough hehe.
first week I concentrated on the stability and filtration.
Week 2, I got a large order of trochus snails, atrea snails, and blue leg hermits.
Week 3 i got alot of damsels, clowns, and wrasses.
Big learning experience, everything killed each other.
That's when my goal became 95% reef safe.
since then I've just slowly been adding reef safe stuff and getting bulk frag packs.
This week I got a badass purple hammer coral and a mandarin goby, coral beauty, bunch of atreas/hermits and some coraline encrusted margaritas.
I havent gotten around to changing the prices on stuff cause I really don't want it to sell lol.

My goals are pretty crazy I think.
I've just been trying to gain as much knowledge over the past month and a half I want to do everything perfect.

I was going to set 1/8 of the system to be a deep sand bed filtration/refugium.

I eventually want to get some sps corals but being that its hard to control the 4 employees that I have, stability is an issue. Even other people that work there come back and take water from the system to do water changes on theirs at home. Then they just fill the remainder with r/o throwing everything out of wack. I flipped though so I'm pretty sure people are being more careful now.
My main goal is of course being profitable, but what I've been doing is just taking ideas that I hear from customers or other people and make them happen.
Like the other day someone mentioned they where gunna build a garden eel/pipefish tank.

Today I brought in a pipefish and a garden eel.
Such a cool idea and I love feeding the little fellas heheh.

Any cool idea is welcome.

I was gunna get another video up today but my phone was acting up.