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07/19/2013, 04:01 PM

I see that your company made a comment, in response to a post on another site (which is forbidden to mention here), that you might contemplate releasing a version of the CS3 skimmer that would work with one of the new energy-efficient and controllable DC pumps. Is there any work being done in that area?

Also, any sales contemplated? I can understand why you shut down the Superbowl sale when the score got a little out of hand, but I hope that hasn't scared you off of sales altogether?


Avast Marine
07/20/2013, 07:15 AM
Dc5000 pump = 60w
2x psk1000 = 46w

New, yes. Energy efficient, debatable.

We have been testing them for almost a year at this point and we still feel the Sicce is the better pump on a cs1, cs3 class skimmer.

We never shut down the superbowl sale. We honored it throughout the game even when the spread was huge.

Talk like a pirate day.......

07/20/2013, 09:00 AM
My bad, I thought I read in another forum that you shut it down at 45%. Re-reading the posts, I see now it was just somebody joking about the power outage during the game, claiming that they "pulled the plug." (http://www.*********.com/forums/avast-marine/108375-superbowl-sale-2.html#post1210498) I thought they were talking about pulling the plug on the sale when I first read it.

Re: the Sicce pumps, how do they compare to the DC pumps w/r/t noise and vibration? I had read good things about their operating noise levels.

Avast Marine
07/20/2013, 10:43 AM
They are pretty much even on noise and vibration. There is no real advantage to using the dc pump on a skimmer where 2 or less sicce pumps will do, if 3 or more pumps are required then there is a cost benefit by going with the dc pump but on a sub 500g system then you are just paying more than needed for a pump that has no real benefit. Check out our facebook page if your interested in seeing a skimmer that justified 2 dc5000 nw pumps....

Now for water movement, the dc pumps rock and we plan to start selling them for that purpose very soon.

07/20/2013, 10:12 PM
Hey, I was just doing some price checking, and it doesn't look like your shopping cart recognizes the CS3 as a skimmer, in terms of the package deals. None of the skimmate locker / swabbie combo discounts show up (the Sicce pump combo discount does, FYI).

Avast Marine
07/24/2013, 08:49 AM
discounts are fixed.