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07/19/2013, 07:31 PM
Sister post to my one on clean-up crew:
On the new 75g, I have a return that is split from a strong enough pump, and an MP10. Dead spots suck. Should I position the MP10 so that it points BEHIND the rockwork for circulation? If I stack the rock away from the back wall, I could generate decent flow to keep the collection to a minimum. Is this the best way?
As I begin my LR selection, I will focus on bigger, more stable pieces for the foundation, since last time I set this one up it was a jumble of softballs.
Suggestions on this from the beginning will certainly save me lots of headaches in the future.


07/19/2013, 07:41 PM
I would think you would want at least one more MP10, I thought those were for nano (under 30 gallon) tanks, but I may be mistaken. I would think you would want one on one side on the back, and one on the other side towards the front, so you have a good flow throughout the tank.

I know dead spots were a mjor problem for me, and I had cyano problems until I got better flow throughout the system.

07/19/2013, 07:52 PM
In a 75 gallon tank you probably would need more than a MP10. IF money permits, off course, two MP40s would be the best situation. Having your rockwork away from the back is better but up to you. I have actually two Korralias (spelling?) in the back part. They are much cheaper than MPs also and they run 24/7. The reason you want a larger wavemaker is that you can dial them down in smaller systems and they would last longer. An MP10 is much too small for your system. Hope this helps.


07/19/2013, 10:28 PM
I would go with two MP40's, one MP10 isn't going to cut it in that size tank no matter where you place it.