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07/22/2013, 02:06 PM
I’m downsizing my system and will be selling off most of my livestock and equipment.
Since the birth of our 3rd child, I havent been able to give my set up the time and attention it deserves… Live stock needs to go first, and then equipment can be sold.
I will be happy to hold things for those who state they want them. I will be going in order of PM/Email time/date stamp. I’ll be going down the list if a potential buyer backs out for some reason.

With all that in mind, I am pricing this stuff to sell so that I can get it out of my house and into yours. All equipment will be cleaned before selling. I do take care of my equipment and do regular maintenance on all pumps etc so while you’ll be buying something used, its been well cared for.

I can take pictures of equipment if needed, just PM me or email me if you have requests.

I have no way of shipping the livestock with any sort of guarantee. Buyer pays for shipping for equipment and livestock if you're willing to try it. I've been in the hobby for over 20 years and I've worked in a wholesale/retail LFs before so I'm no stranger to shipping and what is entailed, I just cannot offer a guarantee that the items will arrive alive like Diver's Den does.

With that in mind here’s what I’ve got for sale:

Blue/Grey chested Regal Angelfish from Vanuatu.
I bought the fish in Nov 2007 from Diver’s Den. She eats Nori, Steamed/blanched broccoli, flake, pellets, mysis, mysids, brine shrimp, raw whole shrimp chunks, raw whole scallop chunks….pretty much if its edible, she’ll give it a whirl. I say “she” based solely on the length of the gill plate spines. The fish is approximately 5 inches in length and is in excellent condition. She will eat zoanthids, and will nibble on clams. She has not touched my anemone’s or my SPS. I have not tried LPS in the tank with due to the flow in her display tank. LPS may get nibbled on, or may not. I don’t know.
I’m going to be picky about who I sell her to since this is not a fish for the beginner, and I don’t want her going into a newly set up 20 gallon tank.



$175 for the Angel.

Brown based, Yellow Tipped H.magnifica anemone.
I purchased this anemone in Mar of 2006. In Dec 2011, the anemone split in my tank.
The clone I’m selling is about 9 inches in diameter and is absolutely healthy and well conditioned. I purchased it online from Phishy Business in Ohio.


$125 for the H.magnifica anemone. (Clowns are not included in the sale).

Tomini Tang, 4 inches in length, purchased from Live Aquaria in Nov 2007.


$50 for Tomini tang

Med ORA tiger striped Derasa Clam,6 inches in length $75. Only the top one in the photo is left. Others have already sold.


Rose Bubble Tipped Anemones
4 inches in diameter each, $35 each

Radion LED Lights, (Gen 1) with Grip Lock Hanging Kit $400 each
Two available

DIY LED Light, details of build here:
This thing throws some light. It’s a clean build and I’ve been growing acros under it in my frag tank. $250.00

Tunze 6105 Stream Pumps and magnets
$200 each, 2 available
Tunze Multicontroller for Streams, $100

Metal Halide lighting systems:

They are no longer making either of the ballasts I have which are a Sunlight Supply Bluewave 7 (dual 250 watt HQI ballast), and Sunlight Supply Bluewave 4's which are 250 watt IceCap electronic ballasts which run cool and will run any bulb. All ballasts will come with a reflector. $100 for the IceCap ballasts and mogul based reflectors, and $200 for the dual HQI ballast and two reflectors. Bulbs included in the reflectors are used and should probably be replaced by whoever buys them.

Two Ice Cap’s and one Dual HQI ballast. (These are not being used right now and are available immediately)