View Full Version : Wet/Dry vs Fuge for a Reef Tank

08/18/2013, 07:42 PM
Hello all I have been running a wet/dry on my fish only tank and recently purchased a used 180 gallon which I would like to set up as a Reef tank. It came with a CPR CY294 wet/dry and I have read so many things here about how I should set it up. Seems that people feel that with the Reef tank bio balls are no good. There seems to be a lot of conflict on whether or not you can replace bio balls with live rock. Talk of converting the drip tray to accommidate filter socks etc..... so basically I am completely confused.

As of now i am thinking of maybe using the filter sock material to be placed on top of the drip tray filter. Now the question will be do I replace the bio balls with live rock or chaeto?

08/21/2013, 08:17 PM
A wet/dry trickle filter is unecessary on a reef tank, or even on a FOWLR (maybe you'd need it on a FOWoLR :)), as the rock provides all necessary biological filtration. Trickle filter do a superb job of converting wastes through to nitrate; live rock does that, but also functions as a dinitrater. I did something similar to you, years ago, converting a 180 from a FW plant tank into a reef; never could get my nitrates under control until I dumped all those blue Dupla bio balls.

Live rock is better served actually in the display rather than also piled up in the sump. Either keep the trickle filter empty for now, or use it as a refugium for chaeto. Filter socks have their supporters, and detractors. Personally dont use them but YMMV.