View Full Version : Mag Drive 9.5 or Panworld 40 for 11 ft head?

08/21/2013, 07:38 AM
I am looking to buy a pump to move salt water from a 55 gallon barrel in my garage, through the attic, and then back down to my sump. The pump will be mounted externally and run for about 24 hours while mixing salt water and then once a week for 5 minutes during my water changes. The head heigh is about 11 feet and the pump will be mounted externally. I dont want to run piping any larger than 3/4. I am currently weighting the mag drive 9.5 and the Panworld 40.

Advantages of Mag-Drive
-Will have much higher GPH when recirculating water for mixing (head height of about 3')
-Still decent flow rate at 11 feet (according to flow chart)

Advantages of Panworld
-Designed to be used externally
-Low power consumption
-Good performance at high head pressures

Input/suggestions on these pumps or other would be great!