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08/26/2013, 01:06 PM
I ordered a dosing pump from Avast a few weeks ago. Paid for 2 day shipping. Pump arrives and is dead. Email Avast, they tell me to try a few things, still nothing. They then tell me they will email me a return slip and send out a new one, but to email them again later to remind them. So I email them later in the day to remind them and then hear nothing for 3 days. So I call and they email me a return slip and say they will send another pump out. Few days later, still no pump. I call to find out what is going on and they tell me they won't send a new pump out until I send the dead one back. Are you kidding me? I tell them to send a new pump out immediately as I need an ATO pump. Justin says he will send one right out. A WEEK later and still no new pump or any explanation. So it is now two weeks from the time I got the dead pump and I have nothing but excuses from them. They are in VA, I am in MA. Not a long way to ship. I will not order from Avast Marine again. Customer service is a joke.

08/26/2013, 02:02 PM
I'm sorry you're upset with the way the pump return was handled. I remember sending you a prepaid return label within 10 minutes of speaking with you on the phone in the morning of 8/15. Our standard procedure for returns is to send a return label, wait to receive shipping confirmation (not for the item to arrive), then send the return part. This prevents us from having to keep CC numbers on file for shipping replacement items "on credit", yet doesn't make anyone have to wait for packages to actually get to their destination. We feel this is a good compromise since it allows replacements to be sent out sometimes on the same day, yet ensures "returnee" items aren't forgotten about.

I received shipping notification on Friday afternoon 8/23 for the bad pump, and the replacement was sent out today as top priority. Hopefully it will be on your doorstep tomorrow, sometimes 2-day gets to MA in one day.


08/26/2013, 02:46 PM
As I told you when I emailed you, my bad pump went out last Tuesday. Don't know why you didn't get "notification" until Friday. You had it sent back 1 day priority so you should have had it back by Thursday or Friday. Customers should not have to wait for you to send out a replacement for a faulty new pump. You were paid almost 3 weeks ago and I am still waiting.

08/26/2013, 09:35 PM
Unfortunately, it's hard to predict what will happen with USPS. Here is what I see on the return label I sent you on the 15th:

We used to send out replacements immediately, without collecting/storing CC info or waiting for customers to send in their returns, but too many of them never made it back so we had to change that procedure. I really wish it didn't have to be that way, because from a shipping standpoint, it is far easier for me to immediately ship out replacements and worry about the returns when they arrive as opposed to keeping track of RMAs/returns.

08/27/2013, 01:15 PM
My biggest issues were the communication. I emailed you 8/12 and said the pump was dead, then didn't get a return label or anything until I called you on 8/15 looking for an update as I hadn't heard anything. Then your email on 8/20 said you would send out a replacement immediately if I put the broken pump in the mail. I emailed you later the same day and said it was in the mail and you still didn't even send out a replacement until 8/26.