View Full Version : Should I Upgrade?

08/27/2013, 12:25 PM
Right now I have two 120w epistar fixtures over my 40g reef. The one I got off ebay a year ago and the second one i got off amazon a few months ago. both work great but they just have the 28:27 ratio of royal blue to cool white. Now Ive been reading around and people are upgrading theirs to full spectrum fixtures with all different colors. i've had my tank for a year now and have been getting pretty good growth and color but i really dont have anything to compare it to. this is my first fish tank and reef though so im not really sure what i should be or could be seeing with better lights.
some say dont change it if it works but ive also read comments where people say the full spectrum is much much better

09/15/2013, 08:29 AM
i will not upgrade
thanks to everyone for their input ;)