View Full Version : Top off Suspended.

09/03/2013, 03:25 PM
I set up my new renew + storm system and my storm system has both lights on for detected and supspended. Any ideas why this is happening?

09/03/2013, 04:53 PM
Hi TXCrawdad,

This is due to the RENEW™ being in an active water exchange cycle, or being intentionally paused while in an exchange cycle. Simply press the yellow button on the RENEW™ or turn the RENEW™ off and then on again to "release" the STORM™ and allow it to resume top off duties.

When the RENEW™ performs water exchanges, it communicates with the STORM™ to let it know that the water is being intentionally removed, and has not been lost through evaporation. When the STORM™ detects that the RENEW™ is in an exchange cycle the "Suspended" indicator is illuminated. Whenever the STORM™ is plugged into the RENEW™ and both units are turned on, the "Detected" indicator is illuminated. Once the RENEW™ has completed the water exchange cycle the "Suspended" indicator will extinguish and top off duties are resumed.