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09/09/2013, 06:41 PM
I had to order some VHO bulbs from champion lighting. I waited two weeks and they still hadnt shipped so I started looking around for other retailers to buy from, I found aquacave. Not only did they have the bulbs but they had them cheaper. The customer service was second to none while I was on the phone with them. Once the order was placed, the next day I got a confirmation from ups that they had been shipped. Far better than I had dealt with at champion lighting. Well finally the day came and the bulbs arrived. It was chaos, ups had litterally destoyed the box that they were packaged in. You can imagine what the bulbs looked like. I instantly called aquacave and they answered. They had asked me to send them pictures and someone would get back to me tomorrow. To my suprise I got a call within mintues from them again informing me that they will ship out new bulbs asap. I figured they would ship the next day as it was late in the day, I was wrong. I again got a ups notiication that the bulbs were shipped. This was litterally within 30 minutes of my first phone call. Today I recieved my new bulbs in tip top shape. I will definately order from them again and recommend them to everyone I see. It truly was an amazing experience.

09/17/2013, 10:56 AM
Hello PAStreetGlide,

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