View Full Version : Aqua Specialty to Distribute Triton Aquatics Products

09/13/2013, 02:10 PM
Aqua Specialty and Triton Aquatics have teamed up to distribute the Bluefin Media Reactors (made in the USA).

Scott & Steve met at this years MACNA and both quickly realized that each company had products that would easily complement the other. On the fly Steve agreed to try out PO4x4 and NP Biopellets in their Bluefin reactors at MACNA and the result was a perfect match. The unique patient pending Pelton designed base plate perfectly complemented the use of NP Biopellets and PO4x4. Without any moving parts and Pelton baseplate design, the Bluefin reactors are the perfect match for NP Biopellets and PO4x4.

Learn more about these awesome reactors on our blog (http://www.aquariumspecialty.com/blog/Triton-Aquatics/)!