View Full Version : Think I should get a Turf Scrubber?

09/17/2013, 08:37 AM
So I'm a terrible person and havn't tested nitrates and phosphate in a while. However I don't have algae issues despite what I think is heavy feeding. I've seen an increase in snails dying/being preyed on by hermits. I've had a 55g basically holding my stuff since a move and shortly moving to a 210g. In the meantime a few of my LPS/blue clove polyp/and a few other things have really taken off.

What I'm wondering is, would a turf scrubber even be worth it, especially since I plan on running BRS carbon/gfo reactors once the big tank is running. Only other filtration beyond rock is skimmer/chaeto and caulerpa refugium.

There's a pretty nice scrubber locally, but being cash strapped not sure if my $100 would be better spent elsewhere. "BloomBoss 45w Grow LEDs 2 of them used for Upflow Algae Scrubber. If you buy both LEDs, I will throw in the custom acrylic built Algae Scrubber with this (blackout acrylic panels with high reflective surfaces, 2 Fusion 700 air pumps, mesh screens and bubble wands). "