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09/24/2013, 08:17 PM
hey guys i have my razor up and running. i love it. it looks awesome and i love the color and the ramping. OK heres my issue.

my tank is 24x24x18h

i have the light 10" off the water to get full coverage front to back. i have the light hung side to side like a normal light. i know i could do front to back and may do that if i need to reduce my peak strength or if it will solve my coverage problem. i dont mind the light that high. it looks great and no light spills out.

next here is my schedule i was told not to use am 100% because it shortens the iife of the leds. honestly if i get 2 or 3 years out of this light that would be great. im sure ill up grade by then as well. but ok

10am W0% B1%

1230 W45% B60%

1430 W85% B100%

1930 W75% B85%

2130 W35% B50%

2300 W0% B1%

Now the peak time the light doesnt seem that bright. and the moon lighting seem good too. i have heard some people saying its too bright. all my corals open at night like they should.

all corals look happy my anemone is huge loving the light. and all the corals came from 3 diiferent using the same lighting. what should i do?

09/24/2013, 08:19 PM
also i have always kept my lights on 12 hours a day. i just feel like with the ramping its not like the light is on that long.

09/25/2013, 05:52 AM
I have the 16k 160W light myself. If you want the peak time to seem a bit brighter, bring your whites(A) more than 85% and drop your blue(B) slightly. This way you still are not at 100% and with the brightness an issue for you, the higher white % should help in that aspect. It is a matter of personal preference to the color you want to achieve.....your corals seem to be liking the light.


09/25/2013, 08:31 AM

thank you

its not a brightness issue. its doesnt seem super bright. my corals seem very happy as well :)

im more worry about longevity of my light. is it ok to go to 100%? will that damage anything or cause issues with the leds? im not having heat issues or anything.

I really like the look of 100% b and 85% w for sure thats the best. but when i have the blue at 85% and white at 60% its pretty blue.

so you mind posting your settings?
and tank size and height off ur water

09/25/2013, 04:10 PM
i reduced that 100% to 80% max and made the white and blue the same strength much more like a 14k or 16k really liking it a lot now. can anyone post their schedules and times