View Full Version : Another Specimen Request

09/27/2013, 09:15 PM
I've been trying to get ahold of one of these again http://i41.*******.com/jb6c20.jpg I've got one in the past and sadly lost it.. I've been trying to get another for quite awhile :headwally:

Species: Calappa Calappa
Common name: Red spotted box crab, smooth box crab, shamefaced crab
Location: Cebu
Diet: I hand fed mine krill but in the wild they eat bivalves and snails.
Habits: Natural predator of snails, clams, and other mollusk. One claw has a hook specialized for tearing shells apart. Burrows in sandy substrate to remain hidden.

Is there anyway to get ahold of one of these?

09/30/2013, 01:11 PM
Thanks for the question. We have sold a few of those over the years and always in Collector's Choice as a WYSIWYG item. Keep an eye on that section and make sure to sign up for the Blue Zoo Newsletter so that you will get first look on all things being added to Collector's Choice.