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10/05/2013, 06:00 PM
When I go to fragswaps, I drain 10 gallons from my tank to take with me. When I do this I have to turn off the top off and manaully add mixed salt water from my mixing barrel. Is there a way to pump water directly from that barrel with out draining any water from the system that a normal cycle would do?

10/06/2013, 11:11 AM
There isn't a means to do this automatically at this time. We have considered adding this functionality in a future firmware update but the decision to do so has not been finalized. The debate about adding this functionality is the increased potential for mishaps if someone were to inadvertently place the unit in an "Add to Sump Only" or "Remove from Sump Only" mode. Adding the functionality increases the potential for overflowing the sump or running equipment dry, which of course we have always exercised the greatest caution in the design to prevent.

In the meantime, you could automate this as much as possible by adding a tee and ball valve to the output of your Waste Water Metering Reservoir that diverts the waste water that would normally go to the floor drain or sink drain to your frag swap container. Then set the RENEW™ to exchange 10 gallons in Continuous (Rapid) Mode and start a new water change sequence. The RENEW™ will behave as it normally would, removing ten gallons and replacing with ten gallons of new salt water, but the waste water will be collected to be reused instead of sent down the drain. Afterward you would just need to remember to divert the waste water back to the drain before restarting the normal water changes.

While it may not be optimal it would certainly automate it as much as possible.

Hope this helps!

10/07/2013, 04:05 PM
Great Idea Kevin. I agree there is a recipe for disaster with messing with a setting like this. I'll try what you have suggested but I dont even see my waster water lines as they plumb right into my sewage line.