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10/18/2013, 05:58 PM
I've been having a horrible time keeping my water free of phosphates, but I now believe I have found the issue. Here are the details below. I'm looking for advice on the type of booster pump I need as well as if any other components that are needed to get pure water.

personal well parameters
.1 ppm phosphate
550 tds
16 dkH
pH 7.15 ( based on these numbers I think I have 30-35ppm C02 in my water, but have not tested explicitly)
pressure fluctuates between 35-45 psi

I have a 5 stage BulkReefSupply 75gpd RODI unit even with new filters, it gets around 14 tds. DI resin is from you guys, but it doesn't seem to even last 100 gallons before it's used up.

My plan was to buy a booster pump for the RO unit, and deposit it into a 50g poly tank on above another 50g tank, then let it degass overnight. Next day I let gravity flow through DI into the bottom tank. Would this be a good approach? Do you have other suggestions? What booster pump would be best for this application?

10/24/2013, 12:59 PM
Please perform this TDS test:

How do you do a TDS test?

Here are the steps to test if your RODI unit is functioning properly and removing the correct amount of TDS:
1. Fast Flush your unit for 10 Minutes.
2. Make RODI Water For 10 Minutes.
3. Take a TDS Reading of your Tap Water! ( Now Clean TDS Meter Probes)
4. Take a TDS Reading of your RO Only Water (Before The DI) This Reading should be less that 5 to 10% of the Tap Water Reading. ( If your TDS Reading is more than the 10%, replace your membrane). (Clean TDS Meter Probes)
5. Take a TDS Reading of the RODI Water. It should be close to Zero! If this is a New DI Filter and your meter reads higher than Zero, your TDS Meter is wrong!

FYI A quick and easy test to determine if your DI is exhausting too quickly is calculated as follows. For Example: If your tap water TDS is 200 PPM your RO only water after the membrane will be about 10 PPM. Then divide 1200 by this 10 PPM equals about 120 gallons of RODI you will make before your DI resin will exhaust. This is for a 10 refillable cartridge. The In-Line-DI filters will last only half as long . The 20 refillables last twice as long.

This will help determine the amount of RODI water you can make before the DI resin is exhausted. Also, what is your water pressure from your tap? What is the temperature of your tap water?

All of these things factor into how much water can be made before your DI resin is exhausted.

Let us know!