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11/02/2013, 07:06 PM
Finally! I have wanted to post about Vivid but they were not a sponsor.

While I believe in supporting the LFS, I live in western North Dakota. There is a store in Minot and they are good people but a 220 round trip is a bit much.
I must use mail order and, actually, I have had good experiences with several vendors.

Ordering mail order fish requires a great leap of faith. I made that jump with Vivid and could not be happier. My second order, a small Maroon Clown, 2 Hoven's Wrasses and a Kole Tang are in my QT as I write. I have just started to buy corals and I ordered a few pieces as well. They too arrived in good shape and were as promised but maybe slightly bigger than described. All the fish are healthy and eating. I have seen a lot of mediocre to poor fish for sale in dealers tanks. Every fish I have purchased from Vivid has been healthy and in excellent shape upon arrival. I could not have picked better specimens if I had been personally picking them.

On this last order, I had a problem getting Vivid's website to accept my name for some reason and called to buy the old fashioned way. By chance, Dave Burr, the owner answered my call. Although the site recognized my name, it would not let me finish the order. Dave also tried to enter my information and Vivid's system would not let him enter the order either. He took the order by phone and was promptly shipped.

I was surprised to find an extra frag in my package. Dave told me it was for my trouble with the website. All the fish and corals were double or triple bagged. Heat bags were taped to the Styrofoam box lid. Although a cool day here, the temp. was a cozy 76.4 F. The water SP was 1.025.

Needless to say, I'm very satisfied with their service and livestock. They ship FedEx which allowed me to pick up the package at the airport. UPS does not allow this in my town and, for my location it makes FedEx the preferred choice for shipping livestock.

Check out Vivid's website many good videos, good selection of livestock and they have a WYSiWYG section on their corals. They raise and frag onsite. Unlike some of the larger online vendors they keep a large inventory onsite as well.

They them. I think you will be pleased.


11/04/2013, 06:11 AM
They are my LFS and they really are great. Cleanest reef store that you have ever seen. And guess what, all and I mean all their frags are colored up. Great group of people work there. Dave, the owner, is nice to everyone. I've watched their videos as well and they are very informative

11/06/2013, 05:34 PM
Awesome...Thanks for the post!

03/16/2014, 09:38 AM
Very impressive. Not one negative content in the entire vivid aquarium section. I guess I better try them :-)!