View Full Version : Great place!

11/05/2013, 06:27 PM
My very first order from bza was about a month or 2 ago. After ordering 3 blue tangs, 2 porc puffers, and 2 btas from live aquaria that were doa, that was 3 different orders within 3 weeks. I decided what the hell. I gave bza a try. I was very impressed with the packing. The animals came in bigger than expected and healthy. Ordered a blue tang, porc puffer, and pink tipped bta, emerald crab, and a goby pistol shrimp pair. All still alive looking great, really liked the stress guard and drip line they provide and a sample of food. Cannot beat free shipping. Called them that day and told them how happy I was. Just made another order with them and should recieve that tommorow. Do not hesitate to give them a try. Do not know how there warranty is have not had to use it, but if its as good as LA and they dont hassle you all crazy, they just got a customer for life.:beer::beer:

11/08/2013, 02:18 PM
Well, after getting my second order there livestock is definitely great. Now on the other hand customer service sucks. Had a couple small issues with second order called, then was told to email pics and well 3 days later still have no reply or answer. So yea great company unless you have problems with order lol.