View Full Version : Best/Cheapest Option for a 10g

11/05/2013, 11:17 PM
Hoping someone can give me a tip on an ideal setup for a basic 10 gallon hospital/quarantine tank. If the setup is solid I will look to leave the tank running. Getting the bare essentials at petco doesn't seem like it will give me the best results and the price doesn't seem great for mediocre. Are there any good 10g kits that would work well. Just looking to go bare bottom, possibly a fake decoration or two, some filtration, a powerhead, and heater.

Russell F
11/06/2013, 04:29 AM
My qt is also a 10g. I only run mine as needed. It is basically left overs from a nano I had. 10g tank, 50w heater, light fixture with timer, small power head, and a hob filter I hang on the side of my refuge when the qt is down. I'll set the tank up with water from my dt and add a chunk of lr from the refuge and a clay flower pot. I never have had to medicate so when done I sanitize the filter rinse the rock in fw and toss it back in sump.