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11/06/2013, 07:26 PM
Okay well to start off I have a 20gal reef. my issue all started when I switched over to my drilled 20gal I setup along with my 10gal sump, I made a rookie mistake by use that damn GE II silicone but only on one baffle of the sump. So then when I found out it was mildrew resistant I decided to take the sump out and scrape the silicone off and start with new momentive silicone from grainger before problems ensued. Unfortunately the sump is in the stand and no way to get it out so I did all this in my room and can you say smelly!? Well after I got the new silicone in the sump (which it is still sitting dry to let the silicone cure as long as possible, which I did all this last Saturday) I started noticing my tank was getting really cloudy my urcin lost all his spines and died along with starfish and gorgonias but my fish and rest of my coral looked okay. So after my starfish died I did 2 10 gallon water changes 24 hours apart and am running carbon through a hang on filter but my tank is still cloudy as ever (milky) and my corals look real crummy. Than yesterday night I tested my ammonia and it was at 1.0ppm and ran to the store to get something to correct this thinking maybe this is what is causing the cloudiness so I checked it again this morning and the ammonia was back to 0 but still very cloudy tank!:headwally: Also my KH, Ca, and Mg are really high What could be my issue here? This is driving me nuts.

My parameters are.
salinity -1.025
pH - 7.8 a little low
Nitrate - 0
Nitrite - 0
Ammonia - 0
Magnesium - 1600
Alkalinity - 14.0
Calcium - 500

11/07/2013, 07:16 AM
Bacteria bloom maybe?

Reef Frog
11/07/2013, 08:39 AM
Well, with that ammonia level, something died and your nitrifying bacteria could not keep up. But this would not account for the cloudiness I would imagine. I'd so some water changes. Good luck.

11/08/2013, 10:33 AM
Well I decided to plug in my skimmer I stopped running it because it wouldn't fit in my sump. But as soon as I plugged it in the cup filled filled up immediately. I have the valve wide open also wth is going on?
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v291/Asbury030/get-attachment-3.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/user/Asbury030/media/get-attachment-3.jpg.html)