View Full Version : Clean-up crew, will I need it?

11/09/2013, 11:46 AM
Hello all,

As the title says, should I get some clean up crew? It's a new 55g aquarium FOWLR. Currently has two clownfish and a hippo tang. I know, the 55 is too small for the tang when it gets bigger, but it'll be moving to my neighbor's 120g when it's big enough.

Question is, when do I need a CUC or when should I add? Why should I add or what should I add? In the long term, I wish to keep two clownfish, a flame angel and a Mandarin Dragonet. As of now, I just have the two clownfish, hippo tang, and 1000s of copepods (I seeded my hang on back refugium with Alagen Tisbe, now they're everywhere). 60 lbs of Live Rock, I wish to add corals one day as well.

Reason I'm asking about a CUC now isn't because I feel I need them, I just like seeing different types of critters in the tank (crabs, shrimp, etc). Makes the tank more "lively" and diverse. But I don't want those CUC to cause problems, i.e. eating or competing with the copepods for food. I don't overfeed, I rarely see food on the sand. Currently I feed the fish New Life Spectrum pellets, Arctipods, Frozen Brine Shrimp, and Seaweed on a clip. As I've said, I have a HOB CPR Aquafuge refugium with Chaeto macroalgae (no sand or LR), a HOB Octopus Bh2000 protein skimmer, and no sump.

Since I don't overfeed, the fish almost all the time clear out all the food I eat, will this be a problem for the CUC since they won't get any "leftovers"? Seaweed sometimes gets drifted around and ends up in the skimmer.

11/09/2013, 12:03 PM
You're always going to have SOME algae and detritus, so pretty much any tank can support some snails and/or small hermits no problem.

FWIW, with that tang, I'd consider trading it in for one of the smaller bristletooth tangs, such as a kole, twinspot, tomini, etc. Even a 120 isn't really big enough for a hippo tang, but if you got a small bristletooth tang (2" or less), it'd take it quite a long while to outgrow your current tank.